Adjustable Steel Piers - What you need to know about our Base Isolation System

ABI Piers Spring System New.jpg

Many large buildings in California, Italy, Japan and New Zealand are base isolated to protect them from earthquake damage.

But what about houses and modular buildings, what are they supposed to do when the earth starts shaking? 

Wouldn’t it be nice when the next big earthquake hits your house it could be protected like the larger buildings?

3 years ago we asked ourselves these questions, and now have good news.

ABI Piers offers the world first Adjustable Steel Pier foundation system to Base Isolate detached lightweight homes and modular buildings. The ABI Piers system is designed to protect your building during severe earthquakes, and can be easily re-levelled post-quake to return your home to its pre-quake state. 

Get a copy of our brochure to find out how future proofing your home will avoid earthquake related insurance headaches!


Chris Colenso